Benefits as a Member


APSSA creates networking and development opportunities to:


  • Enhance  liaison and collaboration between staff across the Asia Pacific region, and

  • Strengthen the cultural understanding and develop inter-cultural skills.

  • Assist  in developing and raising the awareness of student affairs practices to strengthen their role in tertiary education development.

  • Promote the important role that student welfare and development plays in contributing to well-rounded and successful students.


APSSA also provides its member institutions with outstanding opportunities to organize global mobility activities.  A student focused learning program held as part of APSSA’s International Conferences provides a form for building inter-cultural competencies, understanding, global citizenry and personal and professional capabilities.


The biennial APSSA conference plays a large part in achieving these goals by bringing together student affairs professionals and student leaders to exchange ideas and views on evolving student needs in tertiary education.


Membership Fee


  • USD165 (HK$1287)  for 1 year

  • USD 300 (HK$2340) for 2 years



  • USD25 (HK$195) for 1 year

  • USD45 (HK$351) for 2 years


 ** Membership fee was updated based on the committee suggestion in the last meeting in KL. Attached the meeting note for your reference.


To apply for membership to APSSA, please download the APPLICATION FORM.


For a full listing of current APSSA members, click @here 2019-2020 @ here 2020-2021@ here 2021-2022