The 15th : 26 - 29 June 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2016-02-01

Theme : Power of Youth for Well – Being and Sustainable Development


The 15th  Asia Pacific Student Services Association International Conference 2016


Power of youth is the power of the new generation to create sustainable development needed  for a better world. Amongst contradictions and fierce competition in the global community,  some nations have attempted to thrive by overcoming others using force, warfare or indirect  aggression through their economic policies. Individually nations are locally responsible for  the spoiling and destruction of their earth’s natural resources including forests, air, water and  marine resources. Resultantly these actions are creating an increasing pressure on humanity  in its ability to live sustainably and cohesively on this planet and could possibly trigger an  unprecedented worldwide political crisis.


Student development aims at leading the world away from a looming crisis by decreasing the  existing contradictions and problems while sustainably preserving natural resources for the  well – being of all the world’s citizens. The decisive objective for this conference is to  support and train a new generation of students for developing refreshing ideas and to engage  with energetic enthusiasm in brainstorming solutions for community and environmental  development while preserving the world’s natural resources.


Higher Educational Institutions have important roles in designing suitable curriculums and  providing quality teaching while fostering student activities that cultivate graduates to  embody a strong conscience in world affairs, environmental preservation and a strong desire  to live harmoniously in the world. As graduates have a potential to lead the development of  the world into a sustainable and peaceful habitation, educational intuitions have an ideal  opportunity to strategically shape the world’s future harmoniously through its graduates.


Subtheme description :


1.Youth Power in Environment and Sustainability  

Power of youth in inherits the responsibility of looking after the Earth, and take fully into account in the  participatory process on environment and development in order to safeguard the future sustainability of  any actions taken to improve the environment.


2. Youth Power through Mobility, Networking and Collaboration

With the new mobility culture – a culture which is collaborative, connected, shared and more  mindful of its sustainability, the power of young people to use the social networks provide a  means of socialisation and innovation.


3. Youth Power in Promoting Sports and Health for Well – Being

Power of youth to make yourselves and other people to be well- being – a state of balancing body, mind  and spirit. Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. Using sports as tools for  promoting health and well-being of people.


4. Youth Power in Impacting Politics, the Economy and Sustainable Development

Recognition of the importance of freedom, peace and security, respect for all human rights, such a  understanding can provide young people with critical insights into the social, cultural and political  impacts of the globalising impacts of economic integration and communication technologies – as well as  provide them with capacities to assess the costs and benefits in their live in communities and those of  people in other parts of the world.