The 11th : October 2008, Wuhan, China. 2008-10-01

Student Affairs and Services – Promoting Students’ All Round Development


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The 11th APSSA Conference (2008), HUST, CHINA


The 11th APSSA Conference was held in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) of China between Oct.21st and Oct.23rd 2008. This conference was held by APSSA and HUST for the theme “Student Affairs and Services – Promoting the All-around Development of Students”.


There are nearly 300 experts and scholars participating in the conference, who come from 15 countries or Regions--Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, UK, German, Australia, Japan, Brunei, Mainland China, Taiwan Region, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Macao Special Administrative Region, etc. The APSSA Conference is held in Mainland China for the first time and is expected to take this opportunity to enhance the communication between more Chinese universities and the other universities in Asia Pacific area.


At the opening ceremony, Li Weihong, the Vice Minister of Education of the People's Republic of China (PRC), gave an enthusiastic speech. At the conference, Vice Minister Li Weihong first concluded the current condition of higher education in our country, and second highly appreciated the great significance of the 11th APSSA Annually Conference held by HUST for university student affairs. The Vice Minister Li also pointed out that the political and ideological education for college students is a system project, which needs persistent efforts and long-term work. The universities in Mainland China should not only keep their own fine traditions but also judge the advantages and disadvantages from the global perspective, as well as to integrate their own good tradition and foreign useful experience to learn from each other in mutual emulation. She demanded universities in Mainland China take this opportunity to expand international mutual contacts and exchanges to continuously promote the lever of student affairs of universities in our country, and at last wished this conference to achieve complete success.


Duan Lunyi, the Vice Governor of Hubei province and Zhu Yuquan, the Secretary of the Party committee in HUST,also delivered the speeches. Zhu Yuquan introduced the general situation of student affair in HUST briefly. He hoped that HUST could make full use of the opportunity of APSSA to communicate and cooperate with delegates.


On the opening ceremony, the President of Office of Student Affairs in Asia-Pacific region, Assoc. Prof. TAN Teck Koon, the minister of student affairs in National University of Singapore, addressed the speech. Assoc. Prof. TAN Teck Koon emphasized the necessity and importance of developing the communication of student affairs. He ensured the great significance of holding the APSSA in Mainland China and the great effort the HUST has contributed to the APSSA’s success. In the end, Assoc. Prof. TAN Teck Koon offered the best wishes for the delegates hoping they can harvest the acquisition and happiness within the 3 days.


APSSA was founded in Hong Kong, 1988, and became the first international association that for student affairs study and had held international activities with international members. There, HUST is one of the universities in Mainland China that joined in at initial time. The purpose of APSSA is to provide a platform for experience exchange and strategic planning for all members to improve the mutual cooperation and cultural communication, as well as to promote the professional lever of student affairs workers, and to advance the quality of student affairs and services in all universities.